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Etsy is an evolving platform. This information is up to date at the time of release. If needed, updates will be made for a period of at least 5 months starting in May 2015.

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I attended an exclusive invite only seminar at Etsy HQ in 2013. This seminar was taught by Etsy admin to a small group of Etsy sellers with the goal of educating us to educate others about selling on Etsy.

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Regarding the corresponding course Facebook group:

This group is for students of Merriweather’s Etsy training course to ask questions and get support on course materials.

Some General Guidelines we adhere to for the group:
+ Feel free to ask questions related to course content
+ You are welcome to ask members to their opinion or insights but please do not promote your items in this group
+ Use the search feature to see if your question has been asked already
+ Be respectful. We are all learning and everyone will progress at a different rate. Admin reserves the right to remove people who are being rude or otherwise disrespectful from the group at any time.
+ Be supportive. Everyone is at a different level and no one is perfect. We are all learning.
+ Share/ Care a like. Give a penny, take a penny. What goes around, comes around.
+ Danielle will moderate this group. 2 weeks Notice of any logistical or otherwise changes will be given.
+ Only course members are in this group!

+ This group is solely for the purpose of supporting current etsy shop owners in understanding the course materials and is not for promotion of any kind.

+ should any conflict of interest in regards to membership arise, membership will be revoked.
BEGINNING JANUARY 1, 2016 THIS GROUP WILL OPERATE + BE MODERATED ON A MONTH TO MONTH BASIS. There are no current plans to close the group, the group status is evaluated each month. Should anything about the status of the group change, ample notice of at least 2 weeks will be given. You membership fee covers your access to the group for as long as the group exists!

Membership may be revoked at any time without warning for any reason.

Please email directly with any questions themerriweathercouncil{at}gmail.com